HTC Flyer 16GB on Sale for $100

HTC Flyer – the big 16GB is available on sale for just $100. Actually it used to cost $300 and now the price has dropped and the portable is open for market.

For you to remember, the tablet with a digital pen features a 7-inch screen, single core 1.5 GHz CPU, both front and rear cameras, an SD card slot. The portable can do more for you than you can ever imagine. This is a tablet like no other – you can surf the Internet, with just a stroke of a paintbrush you can create a masterpiece (HTC Flyer is the first tablet delivering a new HTC innovation that features natural pen interaction), take multimedia notes, watch movies, retouch pictures and even sign digital documents. The HTC Flyer can even add voiceover to a storybook you’re drawing up at home. This is one of the advantages of the HTC scribe technology. Dig a little deeper and see that you can add scribbles, photos and sound to your detailed notes. Link your notes to events in your calendar and it automatically transforms into a multimedia archive of your past meetings and events, thus, with Timemark, you can top on any moment from your meeting and hear the audio you recorded.
Another advantage that the HTC Flyer holds is its unibody construction – it looks great and feels solid in your hand, is stylish and keeps up with the 21st c. work of art. The screen is at its perfect size for watching movies, looking at photos, taking photos with the 5MP camera and HD camcorder or reading your friend’s latest blog entry.
Anything is possible with HTC FLYER – surf the web with multi-window browsing and quick look-up tool that takes you to YouTube, Wikipedia, enjoy a full library of Hollywood blockbusters. And the new pocket-friendly price makes this great device even more alluring.