HTC Brings HTC Titan to AT&T on November 20

I guess all of you remember that on November 14 the HTC Rezound will hit the market. May be most of you are waiting for that special day. Do you remember that the HTC Rezound will be launched via Verizon?
And what will AT&T do to amaze its customers? I should say that AT&T is not going to lag behind. The mobile carrier will bring a new smartphone to its line. Which smartphone? Are you interested?

I don’t want to abuse your patience: HTC will bring the HTC Titan to AT&T on November 20. This functional smartphone which comes with a 4.7-inch screen and Windows Phone 7.5 Mango will find its users.
The HTC Titan is based on a 1.5GHz processor that is among the latest software from Microsoft. The HTC Titan features a 8NP camera with 28mm wide-angle lens.
The device itself is stylish but has no special design. We can say that it is similar to the other devices produced by HTC. And this proves that HTC has been focused on producing functional devices, the other daisy things are out of their principles.
As for the price of the HTC Titan, AT&T is going to offer the smartphone for $199.