HTC Flyer for £199

The HTC Flyer has become popular, surely it is not the leader, but this tablet is a competitor to the ipad 2 and the Motorola Xoom.  In the recent 10 months the price of the HTC Flyer has not been dropped, this is the fact the tab is of high demand.

But now you can find the HTC Flyer for £199 in the UK. I think all the interested candidates should hurry, as no one knows how long the gadget will be available at such a price.

Some gadget lovers announced the HTC Flyer could not be a competitor to other tablets because of its high price. As for now you see the tablet is in a leading line I guess unless the Taiwanese company releases its quad-core tablet, which will cost less than $300.

During the next year everything will be clear than ever. As for now, if you are interested in this tablet and want to get it for £199, you would better visit Dixons and buy one for you.

The HTC Flyer runs Android 2.3 but the Honeycomb update is available for download, this is another plus to get the tablet for Christmas.