Verizon Cuts Prices for HTC Rezound and HTC Rhyme

During the recent months HTC and Verizon incorporated with each other, and the result was affordable deals introduced to us. Now HTC has some difficulties with selling its products, which will certainly influence on the activity of the company.

By the way it is a great chance for the HTC fans. All those who have the wish to get the HTC Rhyme and the HTC Rezound can get happy, as the price tags of these smartphones are cut by half.

As PhoneArena writes, they got an anonymous document where it is mentioned two of these smartphones are available at affordable prices. From January 9, the HTC Rezound, which became popular at once for its Audio Beats system is said to be sold $199.99 instead of $299.99.

While the smartphone which is popular among women, the stylish HTC Rhyme was discounted by $50 and the fans can get the device for $149.99 instead of the previous $199.99.

So all those who want to get these devices should sign a-two year agreement with Verizon Wireless. Follow the coming news to know whether the info is really true.