3600mAh Battery for HTC Titan

Mugen Power the owner of which is Fattafa Ltd in Hong-Kong has introduced the extended battery with a capacity of 3600 mAh for the HTC Titan. As you know the original battery of this giant smartphone is only 1600 mAh. It seems like this year HTC has a desire to erase the demand of giant products.

What do you think; will it help the company to win the competition in the technology world? However, the visitors at CES 2012 were shocked when they found out that the HTC Titan II was coming with a 16MP camera. This raised a lot of skeptic and different comments.

But the new battery by Mugen Power features bigger battery cover as the 3600mAh battery is larger than the original one of the device. The extended battery will provide battery life lasting 2.25 times more than the previous one.

All those who are against the increase of the sizes of the smartphone but want to use a stronger battery can get the 1950 mAh battery. Choosing this, the owners will not have to use a bigger cover. The price for the battery is $44.95.