HTC Edge under the Name of HTC Endeavor

According to rumors the HTC Edge is the first smartphone based on a quad-core processor. Still there are not 4 cores, but five; so deal with a penta-core processor. Time passed and the net was full of info that the HTC Edge is going to run an unknown version of Android OS and have 4.7-inch 720p touchscreen.

As for now the HTC fans can wait for the smartphone to be unveiled at MWC 2012 with the Samsung Galaxy S III. Here news goes to be more interesting; according to the smartphone will come under another name. The source says the HTC Edge will carry the name the HTC Endeavor, which is just a codename and even the info is true the smartphone will not be shipped to other countries under this name.

The Taiwanese company has many plans for 2012, and the quad-core devices such as Tegra 3-powered smartphones and tablets will be the proof of its promises.

We have only to wait a little to see whether the company realizes its plans for 2012 or not.