Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs for HTC Rezound

A few days ago Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich kernel and system.img leaked. It’s nice from developers who did not waste time and did their best to create a custom ROM offering the HTC Rezound owners to enjoy so much waited Android OS. The users will not be able to enjoy the new OS fully since it will come with some bugs and non-working features. Do not forget this is not the official update and you get the chance to run Android 4.0 on your HTC Rezound until Verizon pushes out the official update.

The users of the HCT Rezound will have two flashable ROMs and can decide which one is better and tell us after using both of the ROMs.
The ROMs are based on the same RUU 3.10.605.7 this means no special differences will be found. But maybe some of you will feel a kind of special feature on one of them.
The first ROM is RezROM by IIIboredIII and the second one CleanROM by scrosler.


  1. First place the ROM on the SD card
  2. Start rebooting into ClockworkMod
  3. Then wipe data and do a factory reset
  4. After you flashed the ROM you will be booted into fastboot
  5. Tap power
  6. Then install the necessary kernel and boot.img.

The ROMs are installed, start enjoying them.