HTC Evo HD LTE via Sprint?

For a long time the partnership between Sprint and HTC is going on. And now the mobile carrier and the mobile manufacturer have a cool smartphone line called Evo. As you know, both the smartphones and the tablets from this line managed to be loved by the HTC fans. From the moment the Taiwanese company announced its new line named One, mobile lovers started thinking the company had chosen another strategy to work with. They were afraid HTC will not continue producing other smartphones from those popular series any more. But they will get surprised, as this news will prove the right the opposite.

In one of our posts we talked about the HTC Jewel, remember, we also mentioned that it is most likely the codename. This smartphone will be the CDMA/LTE variant of the popular HTC One X, which was announced at HTC’s official Event on February 26 and was the first smartphone introduced from One series.
There are still no speculations referring to this HTC smartphones, but probably the HTC Jewel will come to gain its part of HTC fans under the name of the HTC Evo HD LTE.
The smartphone is expected to be launched in the second half of this year. The reason is almost all the Evo smartphones have been released in summer.
Wait a few months, and we’ll see.