HTC Starting World Tour

HTC not only decided focusing on development of its latest One Series, it also seems to work only with some selected markets; still it should think also about the people living outside the US. And recently the company changed this attitude and according to its official blog HTC is currently setting off on a world tour to give its fans and lovers a chance to get their favorite smartphones hands on.

As for now the Taiwanese company mentioned only some cities where it is going to organize new events for introducing its new smartphones to the world. Among those selected cities are New York, London, Rome, New Delhi, Seattle, Bangkok, Paris, Jakarta and Warsaw. This is not the full list as it will be enlarged during the coming weeks, while for the first the list is quite satisfying. Still there is no info where the event will take place and the date is now known either. The manufacturer promised to let us know the details very soon. Here also we should show our patience as the company really does its best to make its users happy. Those who have questions would rather leave their comments on company’s official blog, it will not be ignored, and you can be sure.