HTC HD7 Getting 8107 New Update

One of the coolest smartphones from HTC named the HTC HD7 is not available in T-Mobile stores, but the carrier goes on with supporting it. What does it mean? T-Mobile will offer the owners of the HTC HD7 smartphones different minor and major updates in the nest month. We are not talking about Windows Phone 7.5 Mango or Refresh updates, but as a fact the smartphone has many bugs, which should be solved. About such an update talked the owners in T-Mobile support forums and according to those users it has been available from March 19.

This new minor update does not come with a long changelog and fixes; it brings solutions for some bugs only. And those owners, who were excited about the keyboard disappearing bug, will be satisfied now. The bug will be solved.

For checking the update the users of the HTC HD7 should look at the Zune or Mac Windows Phone Connector for notifications. The update will be pushed out region by region, this means those who have not got it yet, should wait a little.