Vodafone UK Taking Pre-order for HTC One S and One X

As you know Phones4U was the first mobile operator in the UK to start pre-orders for the HTC One X and the HTC One S. Then you seemed to have the chance of signing a contract with the mobile operators Vodafone and Orange. Now Vodafone exclusively offers the smartphones and started taking pre-orders on its own way. Those who wish to get the smartphones can sign a contract with a specific data plan.

The HTC One X can be yours for free with a tariff plan of 41 GBP/month (around $65). You will get 900 minutes, unlimited text and 1GB of data plan. As for the HTC One S, its plan is cheaper; the user will get 36 GBP/month (around $57) with 600 minutes and the same unlimited text and 1GB data plan.

The main thing that makes people get the smartphone from Phones4U is the hope of receiving HTC Medialink HD for free with the pre-order. This is quite an attracting strategy by Phones4U, as this accessory is expensive enough. This way people get the chance to combine pleasant with useful. By the way this Vodafone deal offers free Beats Audio headphones.
The HTC One X and the HTC One S are expected to get released on April 5.