Why AT&T Won’t Push out 8107 WP Update

We talked about the update called 8107 OS and we got to know that almost all the smartphones got this update. This update is really important since it brings disappearing keyboard bug fix, Microsoft security fixes, improved Gmail contacts sync, Proximity sensor enhancements and etc. Notice that all those users who bought their WP-powered smartphones from AT&T will not get the chance to get the 8107 update.

This has been officially announced so I shall advice you not to hope that something will be changed. The carrier explains this way why it does not want to push out WO8107OS update.

AT&T’s spokesperson said that 8107 and 8112 update will not be pushed out for their consumers. Those who do not know 8112 update has been found for Nokia Lumia 900 and will get launched on April 8 via AT&T. As you know the Nokia Lumia 900 is considered to be the best smartphone that runs Microsoft’s platform. By the way it also includes visual voicemail support.
Now the carrier is working on a larger update and these two updates are included in it. The users should wait as from the moment the update is pushed out they will get all aforementioned improvements for it.
Remember that you will most likely download the update with some difficulty as it will be heavier.