HTC One S on April 25 via T-Mobile

The HTC One Series have become so popular that the carriers do their best to include one of them in their line. The HTC One S is the second popular smartphone from HTC One Series after the HTC One X.
The device already managed to become loved in Europe and will be offered to the HTC loves in China for the price of $200. Note the Chinese version of the smartphone comes with different specs.

And now it is time for the US market to get the HTC One S. The device will be available from April 25 via T-Mobile.
For many of you the HTC One X will seem to be better, but the HTC One S is cheaper. So get prepared to own one of the high-end smartphones from the Taiwanese company and enjoy the latest version of Android OS with the HTC Sense 4.0 and feel the power of the device.