HTC will not Be Next Version of Windows

Still last year there were rumors about an HTC tablet running Windows 8 that should have already come or at least should have been on its way. But it seems the mysterious HTC tablet will not come because of not good relationship between HTC and Microsoft. HTC will not get access to Windows software tablets any more. Bloomberg says HTC is not a good hardware partner for Windows tablets, but why? It seems there is something not clear.

According to Microsoft, HTC does not have the requisite experience in building, marketing, and selling tablets. So this makes Microsoft think the Taiwanese company will not be a preferred partner. The sales of the HTC tablets, especially Flyer and Jetstream were disappointing enough and at the same time quite overpriced. This is the reason why the majority of Windows tablet stories have been in regards to Samsung, Asus or Acer. But why HP has been rumored to be making a Windows tablet is not that clear.

But there is also another possible reason for HTC being barred from the partnership. The HTC Engineers had been pushing to create a customized homescreen on the Windows 8 RT tablet for differentiating. We know Microsoft isn’t in the game of selling a customized experience. The company is in the game of selling Windows. So HTC was out of list of the companies provided early builds of the Windows software.

However, we should understand the POV of Microsoft. The company has the wish to sell Windows since Microsoft makes money on the Windows brand, while Google does not seem to be caring on the Android brand till the ad revenue keeps coming in.
Samsung and Asus have more established credibility in the tablet market. As for HTC it is known as Quality Company and if it can show it is an upcoming Android tablet may be it can get back in the game, who knows.