AT&T HTC One X Gets First CyanogenMod and AOKP Builds

I guess you are excited about the news that the international version of the HTC One X comes with two cores and started getting CM9 ROMs , while your AT&T variant is only based on Snapdragon S4 processor.

Do not worry and do not get nervous. The American HTC One X is now considered to be one of those smartphones that has modders’ cracking at its own CM9 and AOKP ROM versions, although with varying degrees of success. As you know in many cases the first unofficial builds come with a few not well working features.

The main in them is the video recording, but if history is any indication the not working things should be remedied soon. For following the custom ROM developments for your AT&T HTC One X head over to the source links.

Via: CM9 (XDA-Devs) & AOKP (RootzWiki)