HTC One S Deluxe Edition with Beats Solo in Singapore

The Taiwanese company stopped offering Beats Audio headphones with its high-end smartphones but there are cases when the company makes exceptions. We saw the popular HTC One X with Beats Audio Solo headphones in Taiwan and now it is the time for the HTC One S getting the Deluxe Edition treatment in Singapore.

If you do not know, I should say that the Solo headset costs for about $180. Thus, you already understand that getting them in a bundle is a great surprise. Unfortunately, the offer comes from one Singapore carrier.

The HTC One S Deluxe Edition from M1 can be yours for SGD418 (about $330) if signing a new two-year contract on for. Without contract the price of the smartphone is SGD948 (about $330). It seemed like the Deluxe edition could not be found anywhere else, until the moment GSM Arena got updates about the availability of the smartphone.

The website posted:

Update: Atli found the HTC One X bundled with iBeats from Vodafone Iceland for ISK134,990 (1,077 USD). Grinch points to Vodafone Romania who also have One X with iBeats for €200 on contract or €560 off contract.

Update 2: SingTel, another Singapore carrier, updated their site and to make it clear that their HTC One S is the Deluxe Edition too. Thanks again Acefire!

We are grateful to them for giving this info.