Mysterious HTC Era Coming to T-Mobile?

If taking into account the spy shot that a tipster sent to TmoNews, it seemslike T-Mobile is going to get a couple of new smartphone on September 26- a device from RIM and one by HTC. The new devices are codenamed the HTC Era 42 and the Blackberry Armstrong.

The new leaked image gives us only this info and there is so much to think about. Accrdoing to many rumors, the HTC Era 42 might be the successor of the old-school T-Mobile G1 as it was known as the Era G1. And if we add 42 to this device, it will means it will be an HSPA+ device rated for 42Mbps speeds on the downlink. But we cannot think this way for sure, as this is just a rumor.

As for the Blackberry Armstrong, do not think it is the Blackberry 10 device. This smartphone will not be available till the end of the next year. It seems like here we have a low-end smartphone- the Blackberry Curve 9320, which is more specific. It is more or less identical with the Blackberry Curve 9310 for Verizon and Boost Mobile.
Anyway, do not get that much excited; remember that this info is just a leak. Let us hope that soon will hear more about the HTC Era 42 mysterious smartphone.