American Psycho Parody Features HTC One X, One S, iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy SIII against each other

The Dark Knight Rises is still buzzing around. As you know Christian bale has been in the spotlight thanks to his heroic character. Surely many of you and other movie fanatics will most likely remember Bale before he hit it big in the industry- for example in the movie American psycho.

All those who remember it will probably remember the video below from the team over at Tech Radar. This video is a parody of a scene in the movie where Bale torn in the inside as his esteemed colleagues show off their business cards to one another.

However, according to Tech Radar they replace the business cards with modern smartphones. Start watching the video… it’s a remarkable recreation of the event which transpired in the movie. At first the amazing iPhone 4S is getting some praise but the HTC One S, the HTC One X and the grand daddy of them all the Samsung Galaxy SIII quickly overshadows them.
As you see all they like their smartphones …they are using cool tech jargon and describe their devices in a unique way.