HTC Windows Phone 8X: 8GB or 16GB versions at AT&T?

The long waited models of that much spoken and competing Windows Phone 8 devices will get launched sometimes next month, we already know this. We also wrote that Nokia, HTC and Samsung are the companies to bring the Windows Phone 8 devices. HTC is going to introduce its HTC Windows Phone 8X and the mid-range HTC Windows Phone 8S smartphones.
A tipster for Neowin who has been present at the evidence of manufacturing the HTC Windows Phone 8X, the device will come in 8GB and 16GB versions. As you know the 16GB model of the HTC Windows Phone 8X has been announced till now.

There are also rumors that the carrier has begun training its staff on Windows Phone 8, where an 8GB version was spotted. Who knows, may be this version has been made for training processes only? AT&T will start taking pre-orders for the smartphone from October 21, so tomorrow we’ll get fresh news about the device.