Prices for HTC 8X, Nokia Lumia 810, Galaxy Note II, and LG Optimus L9 leaked at Wal-Mart T-Mobile

There are so many amazing devices that will get released at holiday season and will make our holiday even happier. T-Mobile is going to bring a few devices for us, while Wal-Mart sells a number of cool gadgets in their own right. The Mega retailer will start selling four passionate devices on behalf of team-magenta.

The price for the HTC Windows Phone 8X will be $148.00, while the price for Nokia Lumia 810 will be $99.88. The LG Optimus L9 will be available for $0.97 and the new phablet Samsung Galaxy Note II will cost $299. These are the prices that are presumed to be based on T-Mobile’s USA two-year contract.

There are cases, when Wal-Mart gives more aggressive prices than the carriers. As for the price of the Samsung Galaxy Note II it matches the price by Sprint for their version.
All we know is that we do not need to wait that long to experience this amazing devices.