Verizon MAP list shows 5 inch HTC DROID DNA (HTC DLX)

It seems like we have the chance to know more about the new 5-inch smartphone by HTC that will be offered by Verizon Wireless. Still yesterday we talked about the name of the new smartphone, but today it turns out the device will get launched as the HTC Droid DNA instead of the HTC DLX. The HTC 6435LVW has already gone through the Global Certification Forum, besides we had the chance to have a glance at the first pictures of the smartphone with Verizon branding.

As for now, the device has popped up on Verizon’s Minimum Advertised Price list under the name of the HTC DROID DNA. So the codename HTC DLX is changed with the real name of the smartphone. It will be really cool if the HTC DROID DNA would be the official name of the smartphone but not the HTC DROID DNA 4G LTE.

The minimum advertised price is set at $199 – I guess it’s a nice price for a high-end device. The start date for the MAP is November 20, which lines up with the Thanksgiving-esque launch window.  However, we still have not official confirmation of this, all we have are folks. So all of us are waiting for the device we used to call the DROID phablet, it’s on a way.

Besides the HTC DROID DNA the MAP list also included the Samsung Galaxy Note II that will get launched in silver and black colors for $299.99 with a two-year pact. There are also a couple of Windows Phone 8 models, one of which is the HTC Windows Phone 8X that will come in blue, black or red at $199.99 on contract from November 12th. According to the MAP the Samsung Galaxy SIII will soon be available in different colors, black and amber brown. However, the MAP did a good job, although it was not meant for revealing the pricing and the launch date of future devices.