HTC Windows Phone 8X & 8S; Release Date and Prices

The HTC Windows Phone 8X and the HTC Windows Phone 8S are considered to be two of the nicely designed WP8 devices out there thanks to their cute colors. As for now, the international release date and prices of the devices are available. The lively colored new HTC phones will debut on November 20th: it’s a week after the unveiling of the HTC 8X in the United States on Verizon Wireless.

The HTC 8X is the flagship of the company and its price will most likely be 500 euro ($645) to 550 euro ($710) off contract at launch, while the HTC 8S seems to be much more affordable – $390 (300 euro).
As you know Windows Phone 8 OS made its debut on October 29th and it brings a support for Windows NT kernel, while making the developing process of apps easier.

Enjoy the Introducing video of the HTC Windows Phone 8X and the HTC Windows Phone 8S.